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Here at SWL, we do things differently. We don’t pre-diagnose. We listen to you; fully understanding your current situation, and walking your walk. Then, as a knowledgeable and trusted partner, we engage with real people, process and data, and from an informed basis we can then advise you on how to be the very best that you can be, now and tomorrow.

No matter the complexity of the client’s business pains, our consultants work to thoroughly understand the situations in its entirety, before developing the perfect solution to help the retailer respond to the toughest problems.

It is with this way of working that SWL establishes a bond with satisfied customers time and time again.

Alan Jeffries, Head of Store Operations, Argos, 2012:

“What we needed was a company with a greater breadth of experience who understood our business and could propose solutions supported by robust data. We needed a solution that would allow our store managers to understand the myriad of customer journeys that Argos stores service on a day to day basis and plan accordingly. It had to be powerful and capable, intuitive to use and ultimately deliver benefits that would engage our store management teams. SWL have enabled us to do this and we are very pleased. They are a specialist business that has delivered for Argos to an extremely professional standard.”