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be careful who you benchmark with...

Apples Oranges

I was working well this morning – running up a mountain on the cross trainer – and I shouted to the trainer I felt like Jessica – “Ennis or Rabbit?” was the retort.

OK so I can dream in the gym, but in the office it becomes more serious. I really understood the recent McKinseys cautionary tale about companies who benchmark themselves against Apple, try to emulate and innovate, and fail miserably.

The SWL Databank has 22 years of Study Data from every part of the retail spectrum, which we use to benchmark our customers and improve their performance.

At SWL we make sure we compare apples with Apple, not oranges with Oracle.

By Adriana Wheatley

president obama agrees with us

It’s not often we get an agreement from a sitting President, but in one of his weekly radio addresses I heard that President Obama insisted that US could compete with any nation on earth if it could “unlock the productivity” of American workers.

He was so right and now the President is getting encouraging signs from the US economy, but this may not be enough to secure his dream of a second term.

At SWL we make sure all that for our customers getting “more for same “or “more for less” is a dream we make come true.

by Adriana Wheatley

swl launches new corporate website

SWL Retail Productivity Experts

SWL, number one in Retail Productivity Excellence in the UK, is proud to announce the launch of its new corporate website.

With a refreshed look and feel, the new incorporates increased real-time content for a more valuable and engaging customer experience.

Matthew Buckley, Chief Executive Officer, comments, “We’re delighted to be launching this new SWL site today. We have worked hard to ensure each touch point of the brand reflects our very unique culture, that is innovative, dynamic, entrepreneurial and where new ideas flourish.

We want to solidify our position as thought leaders within the Retail Productivity Industry, so we have developed a website which gives us the freedom to produce and host exciting new content. We also want to be more accessible to our busy executive retail customers and so the site is designed for the latest Smart Phone technology. Exciting times!”